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Stationery or Stationary

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1. stationery (n) (stationery is a general name given to paper and office supplies; the term "stationery" is frequently used to refer more specifically to paper used for written correspondence) - канцеларски принадлежности; особ. хартия за писма
Your "thank you" letter should be written on fine stationery. /Твоето благодарствено писмо трябва да бъде написано на хубава хартия./

2. stationary (a) (means fixed or not moving) - неподвижен, стоящ на едно място
For centuries the ancient astronomers took it for granted that the Earth was stationary and the Sun, Moon and stars rotated around it. /Векове наред древните астрономи са приемали за вярно, че Земята е неподвижна, а слънцето, луната и звездите се въртят около нея./

Hint: Remember that "stationery" and "letter" are both spelled with "er".

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