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Pour, Pore or Poor

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1. to pour (v) (to transfer liquid from one container to another or to empty a vessel; you pour sauces, gravies, etc, over your dinner) -
Jane poured each of them a glass of orange juice. /Джейн сипа на всеки от тях чаша портокалов сок./

2. pore (n) (any small opening in the skin or outer surface of an animal) - пора
Sweat passes through the pores and cools the body down. /Потта минава през порите и охлажда тялото./

3. to pore (v) (to look at and study something, usually a book or document, carefully) - 1. мисля, обмислям, задълбочавам се (over, upon); 2. чета внимателно (over); 3. ост. гледам съсредоточено (at, upon)
He pored over the document to get the details. /Той внимателно прочете документа, за да схване детайлите./

4. poor (adj) (having little money and/or few possessions) - беден; лош; незначителен, дребен; жалък, недостоен
His familly is very poor. /Неговото семейство е много бедно./

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