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Heart, Hearth, or Hart

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1. heart [ha:t](n) (1) the main muscular organ located in the chest that pumps the blood and makes it flow through the body; (2) spirit; mind; (3) the core, the essential part of something; the central area of a large region

1. Although my grandmother has a heart-disease she is still a very active old lady. And she often tells me: "Never lose heart!" (lose heart=lose courage)
2. The last picture you have painted is amazing! It seems that you have put your heart in it.
3. Several years ago Mike emigrated to Australia. But the homeland is always in his heart.
4. Deborah is working on a new project now but her heart isn't in it. (her heart isn't in it=not be enthusiastic)
5. At the beginning Stewart refused to lend me the antique book but finally he had a change of heart. (a change of heart=change decision)
6. I always trust my parents. I know that they have my interest at heart.
7. The favourite place for our family is the living-room. It is the heart of our home.
8. The hotel is located right in the heart of one of the most visited resorts on the island.

2. hearth [ha:] (n) (1) a brick, stone, or concrete zone in front of the fireplace; the floor of the fireplace; (2) fireplace; (3) the home itself as a symbol of comfort and security

1. When I entered the room, he was standing and watching the burning fire in the hearth.
2. Our village house has a spacious living-room with a large oak table and a big hearth.
3. Last year Jane finished a high school and left hearth and home to continue her education abroad.

3. hart [ha:t] (n) a male, red deer (especially adult over five years old)

1. Suddenly, the hunter decided not to shoot at the running hart.
2. While we were walking through the forest we saw a deer and a hart.

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