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Addition or Edition

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1. addition ['din] n. (1. referes to something that is added; 2. the arithmetic operation of summing)
1. This picture is a wonderful addition to my collection.
2. Next week the kids will practice basic mathematical skills such as addition and subtraction.
 - in addition: also, as well
 - in addition to: besides
In addition to English, Mike speaks fluent Spanish, as well as basic French and German.

2. edition ['din] n. (1. a particular form in which a text (especially a printed book) is published (a paperbook edition, English edition); 2. all of the identical copies of something (book, newspaper, magazine, etc.) offered to the public at the same time; 3. a usually special issue of a newspaper (as for a particular day or purpose: Sunday edition, late edition, regional edition); 4. a single broadcast of a series of radio or television programmes;)

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